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Top Tips to Plan Your First Family Ski Holiday

A family skiing holiday is a great experience, and something every family should do at least once. Some people see it as something that's a bit posh, but you don't need money to go skiing. You can get some excellent package holidays for not very much money. It's a brilliant way to spend Christmas, February half term or even sometimes Easter. If you've never been before, you might not know where to start. However, it's just like booking almost any other holiday. You just have to remember to arrange the hire of ski equipment and buy passes. Follow these steps to book your first family skiing holiday.


By Simon


Choose Your Location


Your first step is deciding where to go. Many people go to France first, and there are several reasons for that. French ski resorts are closer than many others, and they can be cheaper too. There are also several that are ideal for families, such as Les Deux Alpes and Val d'Isere. However, if you don't want to go to France, you could consider Austria, Switzerland, or even somewhere like Poland. Try looking at resorts rather than countries. You want somewhere with easy slopes and instructors to give you lessons. Have a look at what packages are available too, especially if you don't mind where you go.


Decide on Accommodation


You're going to need somewhere to stay, and every family has different needs. Some people might choose a holiday package that includes hotel rooms, or perhaps a shared chalet. Others would much rather find somewhere they can stay on their own. For example, with Purple Ski holidays, you could hire a catered chalet. These are ideal if you're taking the extended family with you because they can often sleep upwards of ten people. Think about whether you want to be able to cook. Making your own meals is cheaper, but also more effort. You might prefer to eat at restaurants or choose catered accommodation.


Arrange Getting onto the Slopes


Your skiing holiday needs to involve some skiing. The first thing you need to arrange is your access to the slopes. You will need a ski pass to use the lifts and ski or snowboard at the resort. Your passes might be included in your holiday package, or you might buy them individually. Once you have them, you also need all the right equipment. Don't worry, though, because you don't have to have your own. You can hire everything you need, from skis to clothing. Don't forget your helmet! It's also a good idea to book lessons for everyone for your first time skiing.


By TonnyNijkrake


Plan Some Downtime


It can't all be go, go, go, even if you love getting active. You need a rest sometimes too, so plan to have some time to relax. Perhaps choose a restaurant for a delicious dinner or find some entertainment. For some people, the après-ski is better than the skiing, especially when you get to enjoy schnapps (hot chocolate for the kids) and fondue.

Your first family ski holiday might make you a convert. If you love it, you can always book another one when you get home.

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