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Upcycling Tin Cans For Kids

Upcycling is free. Upcycling is versatile. Upcycling can be done with things you have on hand. Tin can crafts and activities are a great way to upcycle!

Tin cans, tin packaging … I have a lot on hand, at all times!

Tin Can Crafts – you know, your bake bean  cans or your tuna fish cans? Quite sturdy and strong… with tricky tin can properties – how do you best apply paint? How do you get holes into them? Can you avoid the sharp tin can edges? Well, as in the past, we have created a little video discussing some of these properties and looking at a great set of tin can upcycling ideas. And then, to make it even better, I have scoured the web for more great tin can craft ideas – I have to say, there were more out there than I expected! So, I do hope you ENJOY.





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