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Ways To Top Up Your Earnings

There was once a journalist who described earnings of £80,000 a year as 'chicken feed' in London. Simply put, anyone living in London – well, any normal person living in the City of London can tell you that £80,000 a month isn't chicken feed. However, a point has been raised. How many people are actually happy with their monthly earnings? Even those who are banking in £80,000 and over might feel a bit shortchanged! We all want to get a bit more from our earnings. However, money doesn't grow on trees, if you want more, you'll have to earn more. That's how it goes.


If you've got a family, you'll find that your budget gets stretched to the limits. Families that have three or more kids? No idea how they pull it off, they must be magicians! However, if we could earn a bit more cash on a monthly basis, things might be a little bit more comfortable, budget wise. Even then, we can expand the scope of what we can do for, and with, our families. We can take them out more; we can get better grub, we can put money away for rainy days and emergencies. However, as said – this doesn't come for free.


So, if you want to top up your earnings, there are plenty of ways that you can do so. Almost all of these ways will require some form of work, so you might want to quit now if your priorities are full to the brim and there is no chance of you taking on part-time work. However, you can still find a few ways to earn a bit of cash on the side that don't require much work at all. The internet has given us those possibilities, and they are mighty!


If you want to earn a fair bit of cash – look to your talents, if you're a blogger, designer or editor you can find a lot of freelance work on job boards. This can be done, usually, at your own leisure – so you can complete it in your spare time to earn an extra tenner here and there. If you can do two £10 jobs a week, you're going to be adding an extra £80 to your balance at the end of the month! Not to be sniffed at. Other ways? Well – you need to be sensible, but things like matched betting and bingo can top up your earnings a little bit. Learn more about Foxy Bingo and use your money sensibly, you need a little top up, not to risk it all on double or quits.  You could also work as a mystery shopper and earn vouchers trying new restaurants out to save you some cash, and if not – you can work from home filling out surveys to earn a couple of pounds here and there.


There will always be extra ways we can top up our monthly budget, however they won’t always come for free! If you want to earn a bit on the side, you’ll have to work for it.


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