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When A Little Message Means A Lot…..



There have been many times over the last two years I wonder should I just call a halt to my blog. It's hard not to compare it to other sleek parent blogs out there, and there are A LOT! 

Recently I have been looking at my Instagram feed, it's not the most visually pretty, pinterest worthy of IG pages, especially compared to so many that I love to follow that are clean, monochrome, pastels, white washboard backgrounds, etc the ones that are visually appealing! I snap my pictures and post them, without giving too much thought of what's in the background. I have thought of cleaning it up a bit and making it more streamlined.

But….over the weekend I received the loveliest of messages from a follower, who has children the same age as me. Part of her message made me realise that though it's not the prettiest, it's true and it's probably typical of every mum with young kids! It contains the good, the bad and the ugly! It's real life! Come January it will be early mornings, scrubs on, bloody shoes and sore feet carrying me home in the dark after  13 hour shifts in the Emergency Department (not very IG worthy, but that's my life!).

Here is part of what she said:

"I really like ur Insta pics and comments as they are Refreshingly HONEST… (In a world where everyone seems hell bent on being perfect 😆) When I read ur feeds I am usually going through the same thing and I don't feel so bad/ also my little boy wouldn't take a bottle … But I persevered and we got there"  

This put a smile on my face, it's that nod I needed that everyone is going through the same! Thank you to Y for sending me that. X

I think the main point of this message and of my post is not to believe everything you see. I know I get drawn into IG for hours looking at people's "perfect" pictures of their "perfect" lives, but really they more than likely have only their top half dressed, one corner in the house cleaned to take that perfect snap and have spent another hour perfecting the contents of a picture to make it "IG worthy"




What do you think? Should I leave it as it is or clean it up a bit? Are your favourite IG pages the clean streamlined pictures? Come and join us on our social media sites to see what we are up to: Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|Bloglovin


T, A & H xxxx



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6 Responses to When A Little Message Means A Lot…..

  1. Michelle says:

    Aw Triona don't change your pics. I love them. I've seen a few that have perfectly dressed kids in bland colours and perfectly white backgrounds/walls and they don't appeal to me at all. 

  2. Arlene Nicholson says:

    Hi Triona, I love your blog, and it would be a shame to finish it, it's true to life – and that is very important. I for one am not perfect and neither are my children, by the time we get to bath time, both aoibhinn and Odhran are filthy!  I spent most days in sweat pants and crocs!  so your pictures are gorgeous!! – I get lovely ideas by the style you put on Amelia and Harry and I love the pictures you put up of your own clothes, and make up ideas! ( I used to be great for shopping for myself!). Not any more!! 

    Keep up the good work Triona, you are good at it! 

    Arlene x 

    • triona81@hotmail.com says:

      Ah thanks Arlene, lovely to know you are still reading it! Hope your two gorgeous little ones are good! Two is a total game changer!! Xxx

  3. Barbara O'Connor says:

    Don't change one thing Triona, absolutely love each post and as my two kiddies are parallel in age to Amelia and Harry i get incredible reassurance and a good giggle at each blog. keep up the wonderful work. 

    Barbara xxx

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