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Winter Salad ~ Butternut Squash With Feta and Sticky Pecans


Just after I had Harry we all went out for  lunch one day. I had a butternut squash salad with sticky pecans and it was so good, I still think about it! It's not on the menu anymore and last week I decided I would attempt to make it myself . Now I'm hooked again! I think this is something I'll be making A LOT over the next few months. Once you have your stash of sticky pecans made up and a jar of balsamic onion in the fridge, it takes no time to put this salad together.

Autumn and winter can have us turning for the comfort food, and salads are reserved for summer. This salad is healthy, tasty and crunchy with balance of sweet (sticky pecans) and tart (balsamic red onion). It's great as a lunch alone or side salad. I even think on Christmas Day for those who don't like the usual vegetables it's a lovely colourful salad to have on the table.



•Butternut Squash halved and roasted

•50g Feta Cheese Cubed

•Baby Tomatoes halved

•Rocket leaves

•Sticky Pecans (100g pecans 3 tbsp maple syrup)

•Balsamic Red Onion (2 red onions, balsamic vinegar)





1. Cut squash in half, place on baking tray and cook in oven until soft. Cube squash once cooked.

2. To make the sticky pecans add the maple syrup to a heated pan, once bubbling add pecans, reduce heat and coat pecans in syrup. Place out onto baking paper and desperate, let cool and store what's not needed in an airtight jar.

3. For your balsamic onions. Chop up the onion, add to a heated pan and approx 100mls of balsamic vinegar, allow to simmer until vinegar has reduced. This will keep in the fridge for up to four weeks.

4. Add your rocket to the bowl, topped with your cheese, squash and tomatoes, add your desired amount of balsamic onion and top with sticky pecans adding your vinaigrette at the end.


Enjoy! Do let me know if you tried it! 

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T, A & H xxx

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